Background Documents

Developer Manual

The Developer Manual provides information about the Facility. It shall assist Developers to understand the Facility’s main processes and support the decision to submitting applications to the GRMF. The Manual complements the main Application materials by providing details on who/what is eligible under the GRMF (e.g. entities, activities, costs…), an overview on the Application procedure (e.g. pre-qualification stage, full application round etc.), as well as on a wide range of other topic such as monitoring and evaluation, communciation etc.

Updated on 6 November 2020: GRMF Developer Manual (V12)

Conditions for Early Contracting

It is to be noted that according to general GRMF rules, the time for commencement of services and sub-contracting shall be according to the agreed Time Schedule forming a part of the Grant Contract, but no earlier than the effective date of the Grant Contract.

However, the Applicant is allowed to appoint sub-contractors after submission date of the EoI and to commence services after submission deadline of the full application but before signing of the GRMF grant.

The rules and regulations for this so-called Early Contracting are summarized in the following document:

Updated on 8 January 2019: Conditions for Early Contracting (V9)

Anticipated Well Cost (AWC) Guidelines

Applicants applying for funding under the GRMF shall estimate costs for their proposed drilling programme in line with so-called Anticipated Well Cost (AWC) Guidelines.The AWC Guidelines specify the allowable cost structure for standard drilling cost items, such as casing, cementing, rig hire, necessary services or consumables for drilling projects. The AWC Guidelines also outline the maximum allowable total drilling metre costs taking into account the total cost of AWC items “A-X”.

Updated on 25 March 2018: AWC Guidelines

Developer Procurement Guidelines

The Developer Procurement Guidelines incorporate policy provisions and procedures to promote transparency, accountability and ethics in the operation, management and reporting of procurement. All Developers awarded AUC grants are required to consistently apply these policies and procedures, together with professional judgement and good management and to ensure that procurements carried out in association with GRMF are done so in a transparent, efficient and fair manner.

Updated on 17 May 2017: Developer Procurement Guidelines

Presentations held at AR 5 Pre-bidding Workshop

Please do find below copies of the presentations held during the pre-bidding workshop of the 5th Application Round held at the AUC HQ in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 26 and 27 March 2018:

The AU Code of Practice for Geothermal Drilling

The good practices specified in this code may be applied to a range of circumstances. But it is applicable specifically to geothermal wells.

The code covers the drilling, operation, repair, and abandonment of deep geothermal wells. It includes all subsurface work plus the wellhead up to the top of the master valve.

The code also applies to continuous wireline coring, coiled tubing operations, or other non-typical methods for constructing and maintaining deep geothermal wells.

IGA Best Practices Guide for Geothermal Exploration

Exploration best practices for any natural resource commodity should aim to reduce the resource risk prior to commitment of any significant capital investment. While presenting the framework, information, and guidelines for best practices for geothermal exploration, this Guide will assist geothermal developers, contractors, and investors to address early-stage risks in a cost-sensitive manner and to raise project quality.