Financial Support

The upper limits for financial support of the allowable field expenditure at the time of proposal submission (as stated in the eligible activities), in the form of a Grant Contract, to winning Applicants for surface studies and exploration drilling and testing programmes, are as follows:

  • Infrastructure grants: 20% of approved allowable costs for infrastructure required for eligible surface studies and eligible drilling programmes (e.g. access roads, water supply, etc.)
  • Surface studies grants: 80% of approved allowable costs (excluding infrastructure costs)
  • Drilling grants: 40% of approved allowable costs for the exploration drilling and testing programme for reservoir confirmation wells (excluding infrastructure costs)
  • Continuation Premium: up to 30% of the approved eligible and expended costs of continuation activities, or up to 30% of the developer’s share of the eligible and expended costs incurred during the initial drilling and testing programme – whichever is lower.

The disbursements will be based on actual costs up to the limits stated above.