The Regional Geothermal Coordination Unit (RGCU)

The Regional Geothermal Coordination Unit: Mr Matthias Klarl (Local Technical Consultant), Mrs Tsemre Esayas (Project Assistant), Mr Atef Marzouk (GRMF Project Manager), Mr Sylvain Degolmal Ngaryo (Principal Energy Expert), Mr Sahr Foday (Senior Procurement Officer), and Mr Philippe Niyongabo (Energy Expert).

General inquiries

If you have any inquiries, comments, suggestions, or if you want to be provided with information on GRMF, please send an email to the following two addresses:

Note: Due to security reasons, the addresses are only available as a picture file; please type them manually in the address field of your email programme. All emails will be sent to the technical consultant team of GRMF (Rödl & Partner and Mannvit).

GRMF Complaint Mechanism

As agreed by the GRMF Oversight Committee members, and in accordance with the principles of the AUC and its donors, the GRMF provides a formalized mechanism for all GRMF applicants and beneficiaries to report cases of misconduct in a transparent manner. The main objectives of the GRMF Complaint Mechanism are to foster dialogue with all contact partners of the programme, to demonstrate responsibility, and to create trust.

Therefore, all witnesses of operational misconduct by GRMF can send their complaint to the Chairperson of the GRMF Oversight Committee (OC), i.e. the Director of the AUC Infrastructure & Energy Department (see contact details below). The Chairperson will communicate the complaint to the GRMF Oversight Committee where it will be discussed. The result of the discussion in the GRMF Oversight Committee will be sent via an official letter to the complainant .

Complaints must meet the following criteria:

  • The complaint must be made in regard to the GRMF.
  • The complaint must include information on the main adverse effects or risks.
  • There must be a link between GRMF and the grounds for the complaint made.
  • The complainant must be able to demonstrate credibly that they are or will be negatively affected by the circumstances outlined.

All complaints that meet the above-mentioned criteria can be sent to:

Mr. Cheikh Bedda

Director for Infrastructure & Energy and GRMF OC Chairperson

Note: Due to security reasons, the address is only available as a picture file; please type it manually in the address field of your email programme.

Early Market Engagement

In order to assess the market potential for additional Application Rounds, the RGCU would like to gather key facts of planned geothermal projects in Eastern Africa. In case you are planning a geothermal project (i.e. surface studies including temperature gradient wells, or  exploration drilling and testing programmes) in one of the eleven eligible GRMF countries (see map on the right), please send a short email with the subject “GRMF – Early Market Engagement” to the following email address:


The email shall include the following information:

Basic information of entity

  • Name of entity
  • Entity type
  • Name of contact person
  • Position of contact person
  • Email address of contact person

Basic information of project

  • Type of planned project(s) (SS or DP)
  • Country of planned project(s)
  • Name of project (if applicable)
  • Name of project location (region, town, volcano, etc.)

Key facts of project (optional)

  • For SS: Reconnaissance studies completed in the concession area?
  • Exploration license held by entity, or applied for?
  • E&S documents as required by national law available, or applied for?
  • Planned Commencement Date(indicative), according to GRMF definitions:
    • For SS: Date on which the Beneficiary starts the field work by geochemical sampling, structural mapping, laying out and installation of geophysical sensors;
    • For DP: Date of the Well Spud of the first well;
  • Infrastructure upgrade required, or planned for?
  • Work plan already drafted?
  • Financing plan already drafted?
  • Off-taker potential already assessed?
  • Direct use applications planned?
  • If so, which kind of direct use applications?
  • Key Personnel already selected?
  • If applicable: Consortium members already approached, selected, or assigned?