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If you have any inquiries, comments, suggestions, or if you want to be provided with information on GRMF, please send an email to the following two addresses:

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GRMF Grievance Mechanism

The Geothermal Risk Mitigation Fund (GRMF) seeks to build strong relationships with grantees and stakeholders, and to manage the impact of its business activities on potentially affected communities. Nevertheless, GRMF recognises that complaints about its activities may occur. As agreed by the GRMF Oversight Committee (OC) members, and in accordance with the principles of the African Union Commission (AUC) and its donors, GRMF provides a formalized mechanism for all GRMF applicants and grantees to report cases of misconduct in a transparent manner. Additionally, this GRMF Grievance Mechanism allows stakeholders from potentially affected communities to raise questions or concerns or provide positive feedback to GRMF and its grantees, and have them addressed in a prompt and respectful manner at no cost.
GRMF’s Grievance Mechanism at hand is developed in line with best practices of the International Finance Corporation’s Performance Standards (IFC PS, 2012) and the United Nations Human Rights Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNHR GP, 2011).
GRMF aims to address all complaints received, regardless of whether they stem from real or perceived issues and whether the complainant is named or anonymous. Any stakeholders who consider themselves affected by activities of GRMF operations or funded projects will have access to this Grievance Mechanism at no cost, and with no retribution. The statutory rights of the complainant to undertake legal proceedings remain unaffected by participation in this process.
All GRMF grantees will have to acknowledge this Grievance Mechanism and ensure that the proper implementation is guaranteed by assigning the necessary resources and competencies. The grantee seeks to foster trust in the process and its outcomes. To this end, the grantee will communicate and engage with stakeholders regarding this GRMF Mechanism in an understandable manner, in addition to the engagement and disclosure activities regarding the grantees project-specific grievance redress mechanism (as described in the GRMF’s Developer Manual 2020). The GRMF Grievance Mechanism should be communicated and grievance forms made available in the relevant local languages to facilitate access to the mechanism.
The GRMF Grievance Mechanism is free, open and accessible to all, and grievances will be addressed in a fair and transparent manner. Confidentiality will be respected and GRMF will take all reasonable steps to protect parties to the process from retribution.

For detailed information on the GRMF Grievance Mechanism and the GRMF Grievance Form, please click here.

All grievances can be sent to the following contact, using the GRMF Grievance Form:

Dr. Kamugisha Kazaura

Director for Infrastructure & Energy and GRMF OC Chairperson

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