Expression of Interest (EoI) Stage

Please find the GRMF POWER Background Documents here.

GRMF POWER provides grants to developers through competitive, transparent and rigorous two-stage application and evaluation processes:

  • The first stage is an open pre-qualification process inviting potential Applicants to submit their Expressions of Interest (EoI) by a specified closing date. Based on the evaluation of these EoI, shortlisted developers will be invited to participate in the application stage.
  • In the second stage, applications from shortlisted developers will be accepted by a specified closing date.

The pre-qualification process comprises the following activities:

  • Potential Applicants of the Request for EoI will be informed by means of promotion activities (e.g. the pre-application workshop).
  • Request for EoI will be posted on the Facility webpage.
  • For inquiries for clarifications regarding the EoI, Applicants shall submit questions via e-mail to the following addresses: and The deadline for inquiries is 14 days before the closing date of the Pre-qualification. Inquiries received after the deadline will not be considered. Inquiries will be collected and answers will be published, without eligible entity’s or inquirer’s details, on the GRMF webpage.
  • The deadline for submission of pre-qualification documents may be extended by issuing an amendment or addendum. Also, the content of the Request for EoI might be changed by amendment.
  • The Applicant shall submit one electronic version of the completed pre-qualification document as well as one signed original hard copy of required declarations and cover letter as specified in the Request for EoI to the tender box within 8 weeks of the Request for EoI being posted on the Facility webpage (the precise date will be indicated in the Request for EoI). The arrival date and time of the document is relevant for consideration of the EoI. EoI received after the deadline or not in the required manner will not be evaluated but will be returned unopened to the Applicant.
  • Only complete EoI which are in line with the required submission form will be considered for evaluation.
  • Expressions of Interests will be evaluated according to a predefined methodology that will be specified in the Request for EoI.
  • Applicants will be provided with the feedback presumably within 12 weeks after the submission deadline for EoI.
  • Shortlisted Applicants will be invited to participate in the mandatory pre-bidding workshop and in the application stage.