The RGCU, Regional Geothermal Coordination Unit, as managing team for the GRMF is pleased to announce that the first GRMF HEAT application round has been completed.

The GRMF HEAT application was launched as a first trial round in December 2022. The programme provides funding for Surface Studies including Feasibility studies for geothermal direct use application in eligible countries.

Out of ten full applications, five projects received an awarding letter last week and thus qualify for grant contract negotiations with the African Union Commission.

The awarded projects are located in Kenya, Tanzania & Rwanda. In Rwanda the Gisenyi project, which will be the first GRMF funded project in Rwanda.

The following map shows the location of the funded projects:

Figure 1: GRMF HEAT Awarded Projects

The awarded projects cover a range of direct use applications, from crop drying, milk pasteurization, aquaculture to industrial brewery processes.

Geothermal direct use has numerous social economic and environmental benefits, such as reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, reduction of deforestation, savings on energy spending, improved food security and improved quality of life.

The potential for projects in East Africa is huge and the projects contribute directly to independence on fossil fuel imports and regional value creation.

The RGCU is looking forward to accompanying the progress of the projects.

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