To all GRMF Stakeholders:

After approximately six years, and five application rounds of GRMF, the Oversight Committee (OC) wanted to get a direct and structured feedback of all developers that applied since the first application round. Therefore, in QII 2018 the Regional Geothermal Coordination Unit (RGCU) launched an online survey to 29 developers (10 public, and 19 private ones) that applied in total for 64 projects (27 drilling programs, and 36 surface studies) in eight different countries between 2013 and 2018, in the course of five application rounds. Out of the 64 applications, so far 30 projects have been awarded for GRMF grants.

The objective of this survey was to get an insight into the market, as well as to detect barriers and obstacles which impede the development of geothermal power projects in the region. The inputs and answers of the developers should reveal their perception of GRMF, improve the performance of the program, and help to identify barriers for the development of the geothermal sector in East Africa. Next to the AUC (with its RGCU) and the donors to understand the particular markets, the report is addressed to project developers, ministries and authorities in the eligible countries, energy policy makers and advisors, as well as to development banks and agencies.

The main sections of the “GRMF Developer Survey 2018” were the following:

  • Program related aspects
  • Developer related aspects
  • Regulatory aspects

The report shall compile and analyse the findings of the survey. The official version of the report can be downloaded here.

Kind regards

Your GRMF Team