The Request for Application (RfA) phase of the 6th GRMF Application Round (AR 6) started on 30 November 2020 after the pre-qualification workshop was held. On 29 January 2021, 10 applications (3 Surface Studies and 10 Drilling Programmes) were formally accepted. These 10 applications were submitted by 7 entities (4 public and 3 private) from 3 countries (Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania) – out of the 12 GRMF countries.

RGCU is pleased to announce that 5 projects qualified for grant award in AR 6 of GRMF (3 Surface Studies and 2 Drilling Programmes).

Please find further information about the qualified project in the following table:

No. Applicant Country Project Name Activity
1 Office Djiboutien de Développement de

l’energie Geothermique (ODDEG)

Djibouti North Ghoubbet Surface Study
2 Office Djiboutien de Développement de

l’energie Geothermique (ODDEG)

Djibouti Alol Surface Study
3 Empakaa Energy Ltd. Kenya Emuruepoli SS Surface Study
4 Tanzania Geothermal Development Company (TGDC) Tanzania Songwe Drilling Programme
5 Geothermal Development Company (GDC) Kenya Menengai West Drilling Programme


The cumulative GRMF financial support – including potential continuation premium- for all qualified applications of AR 6 amounts to approximately USD 15.6 million. The entire GRMF pipeline thereby reached a volume of USD 165,35 million.

“The results of the 6th GRMF Application Round show the great development of the East African geothermal market and the increasing number of active market players. With more and more successfully implemented projects and a growing project pipeline, we are moving closer and closer to the goal of the programme: an increased usage of geothermal energy in East Africa. We are therefore also looking forward to a high level of participation in the seventh GRMF application round.”

  • Atef Marzouk, Acting Director AUC-Infrastructure and Energy Department

Geothermal developers can provide Expressions of Interest (EoI) for the 7th GRMF Application Round until 31 August 2021. The kick-off webinar for the 7th GRMF Application Round was held on 22 June 2021. All necessary documents can be downloaded from the GRMF-Homepage. Furthermore, detailed information on the application process, presentations and a recording of the kick-off webinar can be found there.

The AUC’s Regional Geothermal Coordination Unit (RGCU) plans to participate in the World Geothermal Congress 2020+1 in Reykjavik, Iceland. Developers will have the opportunity to meet with RGCU directly at the conference. If interested, please contact RGCU prior to the event.

With best regards,

Your GRMF Team