Dear all.

We would like to announce that on the tentative dates 31 October and 01 November 2016 we are planning to hold the following three workshops/meetings:

  1. The GRMF pre-bidding workshop (mandatory participation for all applicants qualified to submit an RfA to the GRMF 4th application round) and related face-to-face meetings with applicants.
  2. Two workshops (organized in parallel) for providing explanation on GRMF Procurement regulations and the new GRMF ESIA regulations (all GRMF beneficiaries from AR 1-AR 3 and applicants to submit RfA for AR 4 must attend)
  3. Geothermal database workshop (to be attended by representatives from GRMF eligible countries and donors)

Please do reserve these tentative dates for your participation in these workshops.

We shall announce further information in due time.

With kind regards,

Your GRMF team