The AUC officially acknowledges that on 12th August 2016 fourteen (14) Expression of Interest (EoI) for the GRMF 4th Application Round were received on time and were accepted for bid opening, which took place on the same date. The fourteen EoI consisted of ten (10) Surface Studies and four (4) Drilling Programmes (apart from five (5) SS projects all included a request to support related infrastructure to upgrades). The EoI came from 3 countries (Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda) and were submitted by private, as well as public entities.

The following table provides an overview of the submitted applications:


Name of Bidder

Country of Bidder

Project Name


1. Reykjavik Geothermal ehf Ethiopia Abaya Geothermal Surface Study
2. Geological Survey of Ethiopia Ethiopia Alalobeda, Afar Rift Tendaho Graben Drilling Programme + I
3. Maralal Energy Limited Kenya Chepchuk Geothermal Project Surface Study + I
4. Geothermal Exploration Limited Kenya Ol’Rongai Geothermal Project Surface Study + I
5. Orpower Twelve Inc Ethiopia Wando Ganet Drilling Programme + I
6 Orpower Twelve Inc Ethiopia Boku Drilling Programme + I
7. Orpower Twelve Inc Ethiopia Daguna Fango Drilling Programme + I
8. Geothermal Resources Department Uganda Uganda Kibiro Geothermal Prospect Surface Study
9. GIDS Consult Ltd Uganda EL0725 Buranga Surface Study
10. Arus Energy Limited Kenya Arus Geothermal Prospect Surface Study + I
11. Kenya Electricity Generation Company Limited (KenGen) Kenya Eburru Geothermal Prospect Surface Study + I
12. Capital Power Limited Kenya Homa Hills – Homa Bay County Surface Study + I
13. Boortmalt NV Ethiopia Boku Geothermal Area Surface Study
14. Boortmalt NV Ethiopia Kone Geothermal Area Surface Study

Currently, a completeness check, as well as the identification of potential rejection grounds has been completed which is now being followed by the evaluation. It is envisioned that all applicants shall receive feedback regarding their applications in the first half of October 2016.

All applicants with successful EoI in AR 4 – including those who have already passed the EoI stage in the AR 1 to AR 3 but have to-date not managed to submit a successful RfA, will be invited to the mandatory pre-bidding workshop which is to take place at the AUC HQ in Addis Ababa on 31 October and 01 November 2016. Invitation letters shall be sent accordingly.

With kind regards,

Your GRMF team