Dear developers,

As discussed during the last GRMF workshop on 10 and 11 October 2017 in Nairobi, here are further clarifications regarding the evaluation of low and medium enthalpy projects within the GRMF.

In order to receive a positive evaluation result from GRMF it is important, for all developers, to deliver a good, coherent, application. The proposed items to be funded i.e. survey methods or wells, need to be appropriate for the described resource and supported with studies of the resource. In a surface study application, the developer should describe how the suggested studies support siting the first wells. In a drilling programme application, the developer should describe how he believes that sufficient temperature and fluid will be obtained and support their statements with studies. GRMF supports temperature gradient wells at surface study stage and both slim and full size exploration wells as drilling programs. The definition of different wells can be found in the term definition of the GRMF Developer Manual and the parameters for different kind of wells can be found in the AWC guideline document.

With regards to low-medium enthalpy systems: The key criteria for the evaluation are that the project is focusing on power generation and that the application proves the economic viability of the project, in the form of a coherent business plan. This can be underpinned e.g. by direct use opportunities and the description of positive examples in the respective country if they are available.

Summarized, we want to encourage all developers with low and medium enthalpy projects to consider the submission of an application, on the base of the clarifications given above. We look forward to receiving your eligible EoI before 12 December 2017, 16:00 hrs Ethiopian time.

The GRMF standard documents for the RfA stage, with adjustments in the application forms, will be provided on the GRMF webpage after the EoI stage.

Best regards

Your GRMF team