Dear Madams and Sirs,

Within this press release we are very pleased to announce the pre-qualified developers who submitted their full applications (RfA) for the 4th application round (AR) for GRMF financial support before the submission deadline of 20th January 2017.

The 4th AR started on 2nd November 2016 after the pre-qualification workshop was held. After a two week extension to the initial submission deadline of the RfA phase, on 20th of January 2017 fourteen (14) full applications (RfA) (7 surface studies and 7 drilling programmes) were formally accepted. These 14 RfA were submitted by nine (9) entities (three public and six private) from four – out of the eleven GRMF countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda).

Country Applicant Project
Ethiopia Reykjavik Geothermal ehf (RG) Abaya SS
Ethiopia Electric Power (EEP) Alalobeda DP
OrPower 12 Inc. Wando Ganet DP
OrPower 12 Inc. Boku DP
OrPower 12 Inc. Daguna Fango DP
Reykjavik Geothermal ehf (RG) Tulu-Moye DP
Kenya Maralal Energy Ltd. Chepchuk SS
Arus Energy Ltd. Arus SS
Capital Power Ltd. Homa Hills SS
Olsuswa Energy Ltd. Barrier DP
Tanzania Tanzania Geothermal Development Company Ltd. Kisaki SS
Tanzania Geothermal Development Company Ltd. Ngozi DP
Uganda Geothermal Resources Department Kibiro SS
COZUMEL Energy Ltd. Katwe SS

With best regards,

Your GRMF Team