Dear Developers,

In the past it was observed that several inquiries have been sent to other parties that are involved in the GRMF (e.g. the Technical Consultant), but not to the Regional Geothermal Coordination Unit (RGCU) of the AUC as the focal point of the Facility.

Therefore, we hereby want to remind you kindly that any correspondence for the GRMF has to be addressed to the RGCU in the first place. The RGCU, as the executing secretariat for the implementation of the GRMF, will channel the inquiry to the responsible party accordingly. Once the inquiry has been discussed and clarified internally, the feedback will be sent by the RGCU to the Developer. As a result, any external communication between the Developers and the GRMF will be done by the RGCU. In this context, please use the email address of the RGCU that you have been provided with previously, or use the following email address for your inquiries:

Thank you for considering this in the future.

Your GRMF team