During the 7th GRMF application round, five projects qualified for grant funding and received a respective awarding letter.

The table below lists all qualified projects.

No. Country Developer Project Activity
1 Tanzania Tanzania Geothermal Development Company Luhoi Drilling Programme
2 Djibouti Office Djiboutien de Dèveloppement de l’energie Geothermique (ODDEG) North West Asssal Drilling Programme
3 Ethiopia Reykjavik Geothermal Abaya Sidama Surface Study
4 Ethiopia Red Rose Boseti Boseti Surface Study
5 Ethiopia Red Rose Meteka Meteka Surface Study

The cumulative GRMF financial support  for all qualified applications of AR 7 amounts to approximately USD 10.05 million.

The entire GRMF pipeline thereby reached a volume of USD 131 million